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  • A.K Azad

    A.K Azad

    Founder Principal

Welcome to International Prime School

It is an honour to welcome all of you to International Prime School from play group to  Advanced Level, founded in 2017 Primarily  to serve the students a high quality education. It is the school in which a child grows up in discipline, care and quality education. 
The School's focus on quality education integrated with extra curricular activities including Art, Sports, Poetry, Science Fair, Debate and Competitions organized all throughout the year, helps the students to fluorish their hidden talent.
We are here to help you, to ensure your child reaches his/her potential--we care for your child more than your do in terms of his/her education and moral development.
We beliveve that our devotion to providing quality education and service and integrity will make the students productive citizinens of the country who will drive the nation forward in positive direction.

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Why Choose International Prime School ?

  • IPS provides warmth and harmony, ensures a gentle environment in which your child grows up at your expectation. 
  • Weekly lesson plan which shows you what we plan each day so that you can monitor our performance.
  • Qualified, trained and experienced personnel offering a low child to staff ratio, closely supervised. .
  • Fun and exciting programs planned each day for your child at the preschool.
  • Student centred learning centre-no private tuition is required.​
  • Student centred learning centre-no private tuition is required.
  • After School Care for weak students.​
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • SMS alerts to parents.
  • Secured environment. 

Latest Events

Science Fair
  • Apr 1, 2019 to Apr 16, 2019
    12:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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